Dovrefjell National Park Board

Skiing in late winter, central national park
Skiing in late winter, central national park, Foto: Carl S. Bjurstedt

‘...until the mountain of Dovre do crumble’

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The Dovrefjell mountain range has long played an important role in Norway’s national consciousness, in which it represents all that is eternal, unchangeable and safe. After the negotiations during the Norwegian Constituent Assembly at Eidsvoll in 1814, the representatives took each other by the hand and proclaimed, ‘United and loyal until the mountain of Dovre do crumble!’

Dovrefjell has served as both a barrier and a link between the southern mountains of Norway and Nidaros, and in the myths about our ancient heroes, they became hardened and went seeking wisdom at Dovrefjell, as well as a life partner. The last remnants of wild mountain reindeer can be found here, and the areas are rich in cultural relics from the end of the Ice Age up to the present day.

Dovrefjell National Park Board’ is the name of both the elected board (No - Norwegian text)  and the organisation consisting of a board, a working committee and two national park managers. The National Park Board manages the protected areas in Dovrefjell.

The management is governed in accordance with Chapter V – Protected Areas, of the Diversity Act (Norwegian text). Other regulations can be found in reading material (No) and under the information about the individual protected areas (Regulations on conservation - No).

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Watching musk oxes. Keep your distance!
More than 10 000 visitors come to see the musk ox every year. Photo: CSB

As an ordinary visitor, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The standard rules for conduct and etiquette generally apply in the countryside and in woodlands. See below – ‘Hiking in Dovrefjell’.

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Protected areas

The wild reindeer is a Norwegian special responsibility species, and one of the main reasons for protecting the Dovrefjell mountain range. These animals are extremely shy and easily frightened. Photo: Øyvind Leren

The National Park Board manages the protected areas in Dovrefjell, which is a large complex encompassing a national park, nine protected landscape areas (PLAs) and four nature reserves. See the overview of the areas, and the map... 


Visiting the former Hjerkinn shooting range

The Snøheim bus, with Snøhetta in the background (Photo: County governor of Oppland)

The former Hjerkinn shooting range was decided closed in 1999 and protected as expantion of the national park and a new protected landscape area (PLA) in a Royal decree of 20 April 2018. The conservation regulations states that the roads in the area are closed to motorised traffic, except if special permission has been granted.  Visitors to Snøheim/Snøhett ...

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